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Online studio Archi-verde is an architectural team formed by architectural engineers and landscape architects. The studio provides on-line architectural design services, 3D model making and visualization, as well as project execution plans.
The team consists of experts with many years of experience in creating projects who pay great attention to details.



Share with us your ideas, desired style, information about the current state of the yard and existing facilities in the yard by filling out a survey on our website. Information can be in the form of photos, videos, architectural plans, sketches with dimensions. . . ). Choose one of our service packages that best suits your needs.


The designer starts working on the project. After 10 working days (Monday-Friday), you will receive the first set of 3D renderings of your backyard, according to the survey data.


The client reviews and leaves comments on the submitted photos about whether they want to change anything in the design.


The designer works on the revision of the project. After 10 working days, the client receives a new set of documentation (email or post) in accordance with the selected service package.


If the client is interested, he can approach the construction of the project independently or through one of the contractors we work with. Further information and communication regarding the execution of the project goes through the contractor.

Residence with garden

We chose Archi Verde thanks to the quick and detailed feedback. Many plans, projects and quality proposals were offered for arranging our yard. Of course, now that our yard is finished, we are very satisfied and everything was done as agreed, quickly and with quality.

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Darko Djordjevic

Landscape architecture

Our designers have worked on landscaping projects worldwide, as evidenced by the photos from our gallery. Landscape architecture is a combination of architecture and nature. You can enjoy your oasis of nature every day. Relax after a hard day’s work in the nature, with the scent of lavender. . . Grow your own herbs, vegetables in raised beds that don’t require a lot of space.

Landscape design

Landscape design leaves countless possibilities. We are here to shape your wishes and possibilities into the most optimal design.

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Landscape design prices

When it comes to landscaping prices, there are 2 things you need to consider:

  • The first is the size of your yard.
  • The second is the type of landscape you want.

The size of your yard will obviously dictate how much work needs to be done and how much it will cost, i.e. how much work a professional landscape architect will have.
The price will also be affected by the type of decoration you want. If you want something simple, like bushes and flowers, then it will be relatively cheap. But if you want something complex, such as a rock garden or a pool, then the price will be much higher.

* The prices of materials and elements are subject to change depending on the price movement of the same on the market

Landsape design calculator

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when planning a backyard landscaping project. After all, there are so many factors to consider! But luckily, there are online resources that can make the process much easier.

One such resource is our landscaping calculator. With this tool, you can enter the elements you want in your yard and various other factors to get customized recommendations for plants and other features as well as an approximate cost of landscaping your yard.

Best of all, using the landscaping calculator is completely free! So, if you’re feeling lost when it comes to planning your next landscaping project, be sure to try this helpful tool of ours.